Monday, May 20, 2013

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I was looking through my iphoto tonight and it brought back so many memories...I got this computer right after I graduated college, it was my first big purchase, and I was so excited.  It has gone through three moves, a marriage, a baby, and two cats with me.  I love my MacBook.  Now that I am back in school and not lugging around my old huge PC I appreciate it even more.  

The other day the hubs and I were remembering all of the places we have lived, my first crappy apartment, our first apartment where we brought Char home to, and our place now.  I can't wait to see where our lives take us, it will be so fun to show C where it all began though when we come back to visit.

I am feeling super sentimental lately, I think it was turning 26, but I seriously don't think I could be happier (well unless I won a million dollars, bc lets be serious I am broke!) My parents always told us stories about how the first years of marriage they were really poor, but those years were some of their favorite because of all the quality time they spent together, their date nights were spent at the laundry mat and they would splurge on a McDonald's coke to share.  

I really think that we will look back on these years with great stories, about how one time we only had 2 dollars in our bank account and had to scrounge for change to pay for our dollar taco date nights, one time we had a fashion show of all our old clothes, and then donated them (cheap entertainment ha), how our only date nights were sometimes laying on a blanket outside and looking at the stars, how when we brought Char home to our teeny apartment we fell asleep snuggling, and my parents brought us the best take out burgers ever so we wouldn't have to cook, how we literally lived off of grilled cheese, ramen, and soup one summer.  These are stories we will someday tell our kids, about our first years of marriage being some of the most fun, and the hardest at the same time.

Honestly though I would not change ANYTHING because I think it brought us closer as a couple, and if we can make it through that, then I know we can make it through anything life has to throw at us.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?  I think we are teaching C more than we know, she is a happy, fun, adventurous toddler, and I know that we would do anything to make sure she has what she needs.  And that, that is all I need.

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