Friday, May 10, 2013

mood swing city

 //do not get me started on her shoes...she won't let anyone pick shoes for her, so she wears whatever even if they don't match her outfit...I have a teenager already//

On our anniversary we went to the botanical gardens but this time we went to the outside kids area it was so fun for C to run around and explore, she loved the little house and the bells the most.  After we went there we got lunch near school (because I had to go to math class yuck) after class the hubs picked me up and we got milkshakes at steak and shake so yummy.  He also showed up with a sweet card and flowers:) We didn't do anything that night because I still am not feeling so great from this sinus infection, but honestly it was the perfect way to celebrate, nice and relaxing.

This week Char has been a complete monster, we think it is teething, or the terrible twos or maybe both? The hubs and her are mortal enemies she doesn't want anything to do with him, and only is happy when she is around our dog, me, or the cats.  Even with me sometimes she is hit or know its going to be a fun day when the hubs says: "I wish you sanity and sainthood today" when talking about me spending the day with shorty.  She has crazy mood swings, like in the span of one minute she is happy, sad,  and angry.  I hope this phase ends soon, it is driving me crazy.  This weekend is another super busy one, birthdays, showers, grad brunches, tigers game, and mothers day!

 //see the love?//
 //anniversary flowers//

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