Thursday, May 16, 2013

summer days

Yesterday it was SO beautiful outside, we were pretty much outside all day long except for when I had to go to school to take a math test (which I think I actually did pretty great on!) After we went to the botanical gardens we stripped C down, put on a bunch of sun screen and let her loose in the yard...she had a blast except she is scared of grass and stepping on it so she had to have her crocs on.  The hubs said this is probably what she will be wearing when we go camping all summer long, I can't say I am opposed to this because there is srsly nothing cuter than a baby in a diaper and crocs...except maybe a baby in jeans.  Today I had a super productive morning, we had breakfast, I taught C how to say "Amy", we painted our nails, and then went to the park to swing for an hour.  I told the hubs about our morning and he said "doesn't sound that productive to me" lol 

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