Saturday, June 28, 2014

Name Change/Our Saturday

 I changed the name of this was time.  I still love chocolate cake, and dresses but this blog is about my family mostly so I decided it should reflect that a little more! Russ' nick name in college was "Russ Bear" so once we got married his friends started calling us "the Bears" and Char calls Russ "Daddy Bear" so it kind of first I wasn't so sure but now I really like the nick name! Bornschein is our last name, and Char's favorite books are "The Bernstein Bear" books, so it is kind of a play on words.  
Anyways! We had such a packed Saturday, we went to the zoo, and then the beach.  We decided to skip a nap for C, and it actually didn't backfire on us, she was SO happy and excited the whole day, and now? Blissful quiet.  It helped that we packed her a TON of snacks and that the zoo was only an hour away, and then the beach only an hour from the zoo.  I am so tired though, and I felt like a beached whale because when I laid down at the beach I literally could not get up unless Russ helped me...ohhh well 6 more weeks! We are trying to soak up as much time as we can with our little lady and do as many fun things that are her favorite as we can before baby comes. I have probably told you this a million times, blaming it on pregnancy brain!


  1. Your family is so cute and I LOVE the name change!

    Enjoy as much time as a family of 3 before baby comes. Having 4 is wonderful, but I was always sad that my one on one time with my oldest was dwindling. Cherish every moment!