Wednesday, November 21, 2012


day 5: top: pitaya, pants: target, shoes: target, headband: ulta

don't you love how francisco (the bear) is in all my pictures? i love him. he is from costco, i have been begging for him for over a year and finally one day the hubs caved and we bought it!

so its the eve of thanksgiving! i am so excited!!! R got today off and it was just the best day ever. he got to do all the things i normally do with char baby, but it was so much better with him there too! except he made me get up at the butt crack of dawn (really it was 6 am) to do insanity...i thought i was going to cry i was so tired. charlotte was a total mama's girl today again, i wonder if it has to do with separation anxiety or just teething? babies are so weird funny.

we are going over to my in-laws tomorrow for dinner, then the next day we are going to be at our house with my parents, brother, his fiance, my aunt, and a family friend! i have a lot to be thankful for this year, i can't even believe last year at this time i was pregnant, and now i have this amazing little person to show the world to! i can't wait to show her snow. seriously its the best thing ever in life and i hope we actually get a white christmas this year.  speaking of christmas, tomorrow night we. get. to. watch. ELF. i can hardly contain my excitement!!


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