Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's on A's Phone?!

well coming back from a trip is never fun, but honestly the only thing that is not fun this time is the change in climate...everything else is fine just because i think its been so nice being around R and char baby.  I really want to go traveling someday with them, i met so many families on my trip that traveled with their 6 month-3 year olds...its possible! So now i just have to figure out where, and when! not this summer because we have a lot of weddings and already are planning on going on our Acadia national park in Maine road trip which i am SO SO excited for.  but we also just found out some of our best friends are doing a ceremony in australia this summer...i think if we went to australia we would go for like 3 weeks to make the plane tickets worth amazing would that be?!

anyways this is what is on my phone:

 face timing the fam while i was in nicaragua...Char was so sad one day seeing me
 where i spent the weekend...paradise!
 these were my favorite dogs at the monkey hut
 me and L
 i just want to squeeze them...look at that belly!
 char baby yelling at mawy who is trying to escape 
 missed her sweet face
i mean is there anything cuter then overalls??? i can't even handle it


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