Friday, November 16, 2012


-So i have a goal.  I am going to shower and wear a cute outfit every day for the next month.  I have this goal because sometimes i don't shower (most of the time) and sometimes i just wear sweat pants or pajamas...and i have a lot of clothes that need some attention.  and i will take a picture of it too, so i am held accountable. starting this weekend.

-i had to sub yesterday for my favorite class ever, but they were NOT good yesterday and i almost lost my voice telling them to be quiet.

-hostess is no longer in business...and i have never had a twinkie

-i smell like barf because i gave char baby some of my rice crispie today and she promptly puked on me

-i had a dream that my brother was pregnant and couldn't fit into his tux for his wedding...

-yesterday my brother babysat for char baby while i was subbing, and R was at a meeting...i woke her up from her nap and her diaper was on backwards so she had wet the bed and her outfit hahahahaha R and I laughed for like 5 min straight

-i am nervous to start school again

-thanksgiving is in less than a week!!! and i have the cutest outfit for char, i can't wait to put her in it, and take family pictures!! (sorry R, more pictures are in your future)

-i can watch ELF the day after we get TWO thanksgivings this year bring on the yummy food and the naps

-my favorite thing to do with char baby now is to say "kisses" and kiss her all over and then she kisses me back (well its more she bites me but i still count it) and she also gives hugs now

-the hubs is working a lot this weekend boo.

 char baby loves taking pictures on the big camera
 i can't even handle it. her fluffy morning hair, and yogurt all over her face 
 my little favorite
she is the BEST also 2 seconds after this picture she took off her headband


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