Friday, November 2, 2012

What's on A's Phone?!?

Happy Friday!
Char baby and I went to jungle java earlier today, she loves it there! All the kids crack her up, and she just crawls around and burns off so much energy I love it because when we get home she passes right out.  I'm really glad she is so adventurous, she just explores everything and its so fun to watch her.

We are going over to my in-laws for dinner later, and tomorrow we are going to our local high school's play "Ragtime".  Then I leave on Sunday, this week has literally flown by.  Yesterday I woke up and thought I had gotten sick, my snot was so gross and I thought it smelled...I had R smell it but he said it didn't...I guess I have an over sensitive nose.

Anyways, again this week I was awful about the hubs pic being taken...oops! We had a lot of fun this week just us girls, I figure since I am leaving it was necessary.

 happy elephant
 our awesome pumpkin
over it
 one of her fav books (thanks M)
 baby m and c sharing snacks
Don't they look so guilty?
 cody banks
 the best face ever in life to wake up to
 hahaha this picture is so random, the hubs is up in the corner there and baby C is just sitting in the middle of the room (most likely pooping)

char baby is so cuddly when she is ready for a nap (also I am rocking a sock bun!)

anyways, I probably won't be on here for awhile I leave for Nicaragua on Sunday! I will update you when I get back!


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