Sunday, November 25, 2012

turkey makes me tired

ohh my gosh. it SNOWED last night. i was so so SO excited, i love snow. i think it comes from growing up in texas and never really having any until we moved to michigan, my brother and i would save the snow and put it in the freezer (hahaha). I missed 2 days of posting my outfits, so here we go including today:

 jacket: willow and clay, tank: von maur, jeans: kohls, necklace: von maur
top: free people, leggings: target, boots: steve madden
sweater: h & m, leggings: target
char baby: hand me downs :)

i have been SO tired from eating all this turkey its been nuts. we had thanksgiving over at our house on friday with my brother, his fiance, my aunt, parents, family friend, and was SO good, but i was so tired (turkey really does make you tired) and now i am done eating turkey for a long time.  it really gave me some bad gas. michigan played ohio state yesterday and lost :( so sad. and today we finished our yard work (we had to cut down like 10 crazy tall bushes in our yard) and oh yeah! Char baby WALKED!!! i am trying so hard to get it on video! and later today we are going to go watch the tree get lit in kerrytown! i love everything about this time of year.
 hahaha i love char's face she's like "i'm not wearing any pants, why are you taking a picture??"
 oh i just love her


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