Monday, November 26, 2012

reindeer, elves, and turkey's

top: von maur, jeans: big star, tank: von maur
c is wearing jammies 
also i am wearing my favorite hairstyle (also the easiest) the sock bun!

so today char baby, my mom and i went to the mall to return something, and in the process bought one present for my dad, three of the cutest pajamas for C, and an ornament. we also went to this little play area for kids and Char had SO much fun chasing after all the other kids. also SANTA was at the mall, C calls him "tanta" 

i had some weird dreams last night...turkeys, reindeer, and elves were chasing me down a long hall way trying to get me to make them cookies but i wouldn't because i wanted them all to myself (those yummy sugar cookies with frosting on top). needless to say i woke up craving everything sweet, good thing we didn't have any gas, and i was too lazy to get some so i couldn't go get anything sweet. but now i still crave it, and why the f were ELVES chasing me? 

also i had my boot topper socks on top of my regular socks yesterday with my boots on, and the hubs could NOT understand why you would need boot topper socks. come ON R, get it together.


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