Monday, November 12, 2012

rum, sun, and Nicaragua

omg i haven't written in a week!! i don't even know where to start...i had an absolutely life changing, amazing, wonderful time in Nicaragua!! It was so great to see L and see where she was going to be living, the weather wasn't so bad either (80-90 every day and SUNNY)

I didn't take too many pictures in Granada because of pick pocketing, but it was really cool to stay there and see what L would be doing for the next couple of months.

Some highlights of my trip:

1.) L's plane got delayed so I had to stay in Managua for a night without her (which actually wasn't horrible)

2.) fresh squeezed juice (YUM)

3.) learning how to salsa from a nicaraguan guy (who was also super sweaty and a little creepy, and we saw him like 3 other times..awkward)

4.) house hunting (i felt like i was on house hunters international)

5.) the beers were only 1-2 DOLLARS!!!

6.) meeting so many amazing people

7.) zip lining

8.) kayaking

9.) seeing the place where L is going to work

10.) chocolate

11.) the monkey hut

12.) losing my bathing suit top (this was a product of the rum and i never found it....good thing it was dark)

13.) my cab driver stopping to take a pee 2 times on the way to the airport

and here are some pictures:
 sunset in Granada my first night there
 L and our margs (soooo good)
 i probably should of gotten a pedicure (isn't this pool AMAZING??)
 kayaking self portrait
 dinner was so so SO yummy
 yes we split a 5th of rum...yes i had a huuuuge hang over...yes it was not the best decision ever in life
this is laura, she is from canada and one of my favorite new people we met at the monkey hut 
 this is Christy, from TX she has an amazing blog about her travels check it out: Christy's blog
 Drew is from Australia and his gf Laura from Canada were one of my fav couples ever
 hanging out on the floating raft

 the sunsets were some of my favorites i have ever seen
 L pondering life
we hiked down to this fancy hotel's dock and this was our view


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