Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mrs. fields

 sweatshirt: von maur, jeans: target, scarf: pitaya, shoes: uggs
Char: hand me downs from her awesome friend millie!

i almost had a heart attack today. we took char to the mall and while we were getting sbucks i noticed MRS FIELDS WASN'T there anymore...well don't worry it just moved to a ghetto fab kiosk by information. 

also Char is nuts a little bit dramatic, and has such an attitude already. she kicks her legs like a little leprechaun when she doesn't want to do something its actually really cute funny. 

i'm really glad i don't have nuts. i would hate to be kicked there.

J. simpson is preggers again?! i actually love her, and i am following her on instagram and she has such cute pictures of maxwell (even if i hate her name, she is such a cute baby)

finally got a video of char baby walking:

I am so proud of her.


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