Tuesday, November 27, 2012

poor me

 coat: orchid lane, jeans: sevens, sweater: willow and clay
char: target

this is so hard...i had such a bad hair day today, plus it took me forever to decide what to wear so i just put a coat on. poor me. 

anyways! today char baby and i went over to play with baby J and they had so much fun...totally tired each other out and they both had such amazing naps afterwards.  i love them they are some of my favorite people, baby J's mom is one of the sweetest people ever, and super stylish.

the hubs got invited to go hunting on thursday and he is so excited. he said "what if i got a deer?? we could hang the head on the wall over there, we could put our hats on it!" i mean seriously R?

after we did insanity tonight i pulled out the rest of the vanilla ice cream in the freezer and poured a crap ton of chocolate syrup on it. it was delicious and i don't even feel bad about it.

 the hubs said "is this the kind of picture that will make me cry at her wedding?"
 christmas tree lighting in Kerrytown
C loves the lights


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