Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 and Char baby turns 1

HAPPY 2013!!! and also Happy birthday (on the 31st) to my beautiful little girl! I was a party animal last night...had 2 glasses of wine, in my pajamas, watching enchanted, and eating popcorn...fast forward to 11 p.m. and I was very asleep with the hubs yelling at me to wake up every 10 min because i was being so lame...he then 10 min to midnight popped the champagne bottle and very rudely woke me up to kiss me at midnight! In all seriousness it was one of my favorite new years eves to date (other then the one last year when Char baby was born and the nurses brought us chocolate cake and sparkling juice)

my new year's goals are as follows:
1.) run a marathon
2.) cook more
3.) be grateful for what I have
4.) do well in school

We did all of Char's fav things yesterday for her birthday, we went to Jungle Java (where we had to pay 3 dollars bc she is finally 1), the mall play area, and she got all the berries she could eat for lunch (her fav) then after her nap we went over to one of her baby BFF's house for dinner, where J's mom put a huge beach towell on the floor with cupcakes and they demolished them.  Char baby proceeded to sit on her cup cake and take J's but he didn't care because the wrapper was what he most liked.  It was probably the cutest thing ever in life.

we had a small family party (I got overwhelmed with everything I had to do so I decided against a big bday bash) and she got to open more presents (because the ones at christmas wasn't enough) eat cake (we made an awesome smash cake, and she cried at it) she didn't cry seeing santa, but cried at her birthday cake?!

day of her party 

 Charlotte's monthly chair pictures 


I cannot believe she is 1.  it boggles my mind.  its crazy.  the hubs tried to make me cry all day because i get super emotional sometimes, but i only teared up once!


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