Saturday, November 9, 2013

5 things

 1.) I miss when my hair was as long as it was on my birthday last year, I am working on it but it literally takes forever to grow, and whenever I do grow it out I decide I just want to chop it is seriously the most annoying process.  Maybe now that I wrote this down it will remind me never to chop it off again.

2.) My bff crazy med school is coming today! I am so excited. 

3.) C is so cute.  I love finding clothes for her.  I love hand me downs too they are the best! She usually picks out her own outfits these days, and almost ALWAYS wants to wear a tutu.  Yesterday she counted to 3 for the first time!

4.) I swear nap time and bed time are the mommy reset button for me.  I always get so tired and annoyed but then when she sleeps I think she is the cutest thing ever in life, and miss her and can't wait til she gets up so we can play!

5.) I think we are going to FL end of Jan and I can't wait.  That is literally the perfect time to get out of grey MI.  

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