Sunday, November 17, 2013

"F it"

Wow what a whirlwind weekend, on Friday I was supposed to work, but didn't end up working for very long it was super slow, so off I went to spend time with my family.  We went and had an ice cream date and it was perfect.  After we put C down for bed we got to go on a date night and had a few drinks, then met up with some friends for half off apps.  It was a great night, thank god the hubs pried me out of my bed (and jammies) at 8 pm otherwise I definitely would have gone to bed early.
Saturday night the hubs and I got to go out again for a few drinks, it was SO great to spend so much time alone with him two nights in a row! 
 Today we got to have lunch with one of our favorite families, made cookies, and built an awesome tent.  It was perfect.  It is crazy storming here so we couldn't really go outside, we ate cookies and read books in our tent most of the afternoon.  I should have been doing work, but it was just one of those lazy catch up days.  Charlotte is so funny and loves making videos or "bedeoooos" as she calls them, so she will wave and blow herself kisses on the phone it is pretty entertaining.  She recently started saying "F it" when she is trying to say "fix it" and it cracks me up.  

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