Thursday, November 21, 2013


OMG IT IS SO CLOSE TO THE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! Fa la la la laaaaa! Every day when the hubs leaves for work me and Char baby jam out to Christmas is my FAVORITE time of day.  We do it when he leaves because the hubs DOESN'T let us do anything remotely Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  Which I mean I understand but come on plz be a little less of a scrooge.  Char sings Jingle Bells all day long its so cute.  I HATE leaving for school in the evenings, she knows I leave usually after her nap and I feel awful because she cries so hard :( 
On Sunday it was crazy weather so we made that tent and ate cookies and hung out mostly all day in it SO FUN. Also we bought pipe cleaners and made jewelry, glasses, and put them through our colander and by we I mean mostly Charlotte.  It made for hours of fun! I love that picture of the hubs and C its so cute.

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