Tuesday, November 26, 2013

just a phase.

This week has started a week of the terrible (not yet even) twos.  C has been downright bratty.  While usually so so sweet, this week she has thrown more tantrums, more jelly legs, more throwing herself dramatically on the floor, more "NO"'s and more down right defiance towards me and the hubs then in her whole short not even two year old life.  And yes I am aware it is only Tuesday.  I am so exhausted.  You know your toddler knows she is bad when she constantly on repeat says "Annoying Char char, change attitude" I pretty much say "change your attitude" at LEAST 100 times a day...I am not sure where she got the annoying part from.

Plus today I was informed that I am not doing so great in one of my classes.  Completely understandable since I have been SO not motivated this semester, you get what you put in and I have definitely NOT put in a lot of effort to this class.  The hubs is so great he just seriously is so calm when I have mini freak outs.  I told crazy med school what was going on and she said "go get yourself a mocha frap, and some nachos" she literally knows the way to my happiness.  Not even twenty minutes later the hubs called and said "come get me, we are going to get nachos" I am shocked I am not 300 lbs by now.  I love that they both instantly knew how to cheer me up.  

Usually we put C in a time out in this big comfy chair in her play room for one minute.  If she is bad. (I know, we are the WORST) Today (by not yet even 9 am) she had already 3 time outs, the hubs said "it is time to put her on a stool facing the wall" he means business.  I have learned that when I tell her to do something to just ignore her and she will usually 98% of the time do it...its like if it isn't her idea she won't do it.  I know she is just practicing her independence...but honestly? She is just giving me more wrinkles.  

Charlotte really does give the best hugs and kisses if we even so much as say "ouch" she gets really concerned and immediately drops everything she is doing and kisses us.  She is so caring towards "babies" of age 3 and under she always say "Hey baby!" and waves and blows kisses.  She always wants to do what I do, wear a scarf, wear a hair tie, wear a headband, put on make up, it is so sweet.  We are all hoping (for my sanity) that this phase only lasts a little while.
Because really when she smile and says "love you mama" it melts my heart and presses my reset button...

and she knows it.

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