Friday, November 15, 2013

One good pic

 So lately me and the hubs have been matching not on purpose (with our clothes) a lot more, I don't know if I like it but my parents literally wear the same thing every day, and not on purpose, so one of them usually has to change.  I think its like the longer you are in a relationship the more you start to look alike...kind of like dogs looking like their owners? I don't know.  At church the other day someone asked if the hubs was my do you even reply to that?! I was so awkward and said "um no ummm we are married..." to which they replied "oh my gosh you look SO much alike I totally thought you were related!" Ok seriously just stop.  I know we look alike, but NOT like siblings!!!
These pictures are from the other night, the hubs was trying to do work but I was bothering him and making him take pictures, which is the usual occurrence in our relationship.  I think they turned out super cute but he was getting mad because I think I made him take like 15 pictures.  He said "GOD A stop with all the pictures!!!" and "I hate this" and "I am going to make awful faces" see how hard he is to work with? All I wanted was ONE good pic. 

Ha. I got 3.

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