Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Heavy on my heart

Something has been weighing heavily on my heart for awhile now, and I debated whether or not to share it on this space.  I decided to go ahead and share it because this girl deserves for her story to be told. 

 One of my best friends has been going through something for the past two years that nobody should ever have to go through.  After her daughter was born, she called the doctor about two days after she got home and complained she felt pain.  The doctors ignored her complaints until she insisted on coming back in.  She had an emergency DNC about 2 weeks after she was born because part of the placenta was still in her uterus.  This surgery was her first ever surgery and was supposed to only take 15 minutes...she came out 3 hours later to be told that she may not be able to have kids ever again and if she did she would be high risk.  All this she found out with a two week old baby at home.  While in the hospital she was not able to breast feed and developed mastitis, and when the doctor drained it he didn't use the right anesthesia so she was able to feel everything.  After that she healed in the normal 6 weeks, and thought everything was going to be fine.  

Six months later she wasn't getting a period but got pain so bad she would have to vomit.  It was her body trying to have a normal cycle but the blood was being reabsorbed into her body which was extremely painful.  She went to get a second opinion and found out she had a severe case of Ashermans.  After that she went to a fertility specialist but their microscopic instruments couldn't make it through her scarred cervix because of her surgery.  She found out about 8 months after her surgery that the doctor who had performed her surgery had scraped out her uterus so badly that it had healed shut.  After that she was diagnosed with PTSD and disassociation disorder. 

After a little while she began to randomly bleed, she was given several medications to make it stop and nothing worked.  She was given two options, she could keep trying meds until one worked and stay on it until she went through menopause, or remove her uterus.   

About eight weeks ago she had another surgery to remove her uterus.  She was supposed to stop bleeding and be completely healed but she still felt pain, was still bleeding, and couldn't shake that something was seriously wrong.  So back to the hospital she went, got a cat scan and was told to go home because nothing was wrong.  This was at 3:30 a.m., at 9 a.m. she got a call telling her she was pregnant.

One of 36 cases EVER to be pregnant without a uterus.  On top of that news she also found out she had a hematoma and her other Fallopian tube was infected.  She went back in because of severe bowel pain as well, which was caused by the large hematoma.

Currently she has been given medicine to try and pass the baby on her own, if not she finds out on Sunday if she has to get the baby surgically removed.  If the baby does pass on its own with the meds then she has to have an ultrasound Wednesday to find out if she needs the hematoma surgically removed.

This girl has been through hell and back the past two years.  I literally don't know how she even handles all of this.  Through it all she has been the best mom, wife, friend, etc.   She has such a positive attitude about what she is going through.  She is the definition of strong, and could use all the prayers she can get.  

Thank you S for letting me share your story, I love you.

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