Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dear C

Dear Charlotte,
You are the best part about me, you define what I do for a living, and getting to be your mom is such a blessing.  Every morning you come in and wake me up with a huge bear hug, and a kiss, you don't care about my morning breath, what I look like, or if my hair is a mess, all you see is your mom.  I just love how you brighten up every room you go into, you are such a happy girl.  When you say "love you mama TOO" it makes me so happy I tear up sometimes.  Car rides with you are such an adventure you point out everything you see, and you always tell me the trees are cold and need a blanket.  Not really sure where you got that idea from, but I love how compassionate you are, you ask everyone (even complete strangers) if they are okay if they so much as cough.  When you are scared of someone you put your hands over your face and get really quiet, like you are pretending you are invisible.  Your laugh is contagious, it makes me crack up right along with you.  You constantly repeat everything I say, and follow me around saying "Mamamamama, mommy mommy mommmm" it drives me nuts, but I would miss it if you stopped.  You adore babies, whenever we see a baby you are quick to point it out and always want to give kisses.  
I love you to the moon and back baby girl, thank you for making me a mom.

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