Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day light savings is dumb.

It was a good weekend! I ran a 5k Saturday morning, and actually felt awesome running, then we had brunch with some friends, and then took the most amazing 3 hour nap ever in life.  After that we went grocery shopping (really exciting I know) then had dinner and hung out the rest of the night.  Can I just say I used to LOVE day light savings (at least the fall back part) and I would be so excited we got an extra hour of sleep, and for the weekend.  That was until I had C, now I hate it.  We didn't get an extra hour of sleep...longest morning of my life...she woke up at 6:30...which normally would have been fine but ohhh my gosh did I need coffee this morning.  We had 5 hours until her nap time.  Thank god she was in an awesome mood and I think she is adjusted.  We went to one of our favorite parks this morning after church and she got lots of energy out.  She repeats everything we say now, so I really don't swear anymore but even when I am not around her now I say PG is kind of hilarious.  She said today at the park "Oh gosh buddy" "Oh boy you're silly" which I guess is wayyy better then swearing! Later we are going over to our friends to taste some chili and then going bowling! I don't want this weekend to end.

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