Monday, April 8, 2013

15 months

 27.5 lbs, 33 inches ~ 100th Percentile for both

Charlotte is 15 months.  I cannot even believe how fast these past months have gone...I feel like it was yesterday when she turned one.

Her favorite things:
swing, go to the park, books, vegetable soup, applesauce, cheese, cookies, running, dogs, saying hi to everyone, dancing, blowing kisses, giving me hugs, her shoes, her softie's, and she says "yeah" to almost anything you ask her.

She doesn't like to be held (only when she is tired), when doors are closed, getting dressed, and blue berries.  

Most of the time she is a pretty happy girl, I love hanging out with her and she constantly says "cheeeese" when I get out my camera (hahah she learns fast) she doesn't throw many temper tantrums, but when she does it is kind of hilare because she dramatically throws herself on the floor.  She comes out of them pretty fast if you ignore it or give her a book.  She is very vocal and is constantly saying something.  We are pretty in love with her, she brings so much joy to our lives, and we couldn't imagine life without her!

Happy 15 months C!

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