Sunday, April 28, 2013

girl time

 //the yummy food at M's shower//

This weekend was so busy, the hubs basically worked the entire time, so me and Char had a lot of mommy/daughter bonding time.  We went to the farmers market, a few parks, read books, did our nails, and had so much fun.  On Saturday I went to my bestfriend M's wedding shower, it was so beautiful, and I can't even wait until her wedding in July! I can't even believe its May on Wednesday...this month flew by.  Classes are OVER for the semester, I did pretty well for my first semester back, now I have two weeks off until I start summer semester.  C is up from her nap now singing away, guess I better go entertain her!

//the hubs and I before the comedy club on Thursday//
//another park//
//mommy daughter date//
//switching sunglasses//
 //Char looking at the ducks//


  1. That food looks amazing and it looks like a gorgeous weekend. <3

  2. Thanks Steph :) the mini cupcakes were sooo amazing!!