Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 things

1.) I was looking through some old pictures from last summer and found this one...I can't wait for it to be this warm and to just sit outside and enjoy the sunshine! Also C was so chubby and had no hair! Now she looks like a toddler, crazy.

2.) This morning Char kicked me in the face by accident, and now I have a black eye...its probably fine.

3.) I hate April fools day. My friend S told me she was preggers, the hubs said I had a hole in my favorite pants, and my friend at school told me that all the bathrooms were closed when I REALLY had to pee.

4.) My fat cat Callie got shaved yesterday:
 hahaha she looks so mad at me.

5.) My friend J sent me this picture of Char baby she took a few weeks ago...

 she is just so perfect.  I love her.


  1. That girl has personality coming out of her ears. It must be so fun getting to know her as she becomes more able to express herself! Whatta ham. xo

  2. She is perfect! Darling girl!