Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Char baby had an afro

This morning we decided to do something fun, and since the hubs had to go into work around 12:30 and stay until midnight or later we both needed some family time since the weekend was kind of a bust with all the homework I had to do! So we went to Greenfield Village, which is this really amazing "village" of historic homes, farms, and tons of other things to look at.  I went every year growing up in school and have not been in a really long time, and the hubs had only been here once so it was really cool to look around, and we pretty much had the place to ourselves since it was a Tuesday morning.  It was a gorgeous day, Char loved seeing all the animals except the turkeys she was majorly scared of, I mean I kind of don't blame her because they really freak me out too.

When we got home we were both so incredibly tired we both passed out, I woke up after an hour and worked on a paper (ugh cannot waiiiit until Saturday) but she kept sleeping, after a few days of short naps this three hour nap was much needed.  I almost cry every time if she has a short nap day...when she was around ten months old she stopped doing two naps a day, which I didn't mind so much because her afternoon nap she would go down around one and not get up until 4...fast forward to 15 months and she varies from half an hour to 3 hours, it is so unpredictable.

After she woke up we got her crayons and markers out and drew pictures, and read books, and talked to my mom, it was kind of the perfect girls day.  I actually don't really mind when the hubs works late because I get to hang out with my little favorite.  Her hair was out of control today with the humidity, it got sooo curly and she ended up with a little fro...I mean is there anything cuter? You can kind of see it on top of her head in these pictures.

 //she loves to push her own stroller...//
 //these two are my favorite//
 //obsessed with turtles//
 //candid on the bridge//
 //there was an old school house so of course we had to pose//
 //see the fro?//
//nothing is cuter than a baby in jeans...srsly//

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