Monday, April 1, 2013


 We had a great Easter weekend! Friday night I went to visit my bff in Columbus and we had a blast dancing the night away (now I can hardly walk my calves are so sore...) and we celebrated the warm weather (finally NO MORE PUFFY COAT!!!) and just had fun with family.  It went by way too fast, and now I have so much work to do for the end of the semester...but only like 3 more weeks and I can breathe again.  I am only taking 3 classes over the summer because there weren't so many options, and the hubs needs to really focus on getting his research done so that he can graduate next April.  We have so many plans for our future, and I just can't wait until this year is over so our budget can go back up, and so that I can get tons of my classes over with.  I absolutely love all my teaching classes, but I don't like all of the pre-reqs they have me take...history, chemistry, physics...yuck.  We have a list of things to do when we have money to keep us motivated to stay on budget (no more shopping online for me :( ) but its kind of fun to write down random things to look forward to!

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