Monday, April 29, 2013


Today I went to IKEA.  Let me just say I have loved that store ever since 500 days of summer came out and they frolicked around the store.  I just LOVE walking around and looking at I had a budget for Charlotte's craft/reading room of 100$ annnnd I only spent 90$ go me! I didn't find the rug I wanted, but we had an old one laying around that we never used so I just put it in there.  So far in the room are the pillows, francisco, the rug, and the easel.  This is my first progress picture! After we went on our walk to Trader Joes (to get some wine duh) the canopy I ordered from World Market was waiting on our door step!! I can't wait for the hubs to put up all the shelves and the canopy (he complains but whatevs).  Last night was so amazing.  I finished my finals so we drank some wine and stayed up super late (like midnight, you guys I am a mom) talking and planning stuff for the future it was so fun, and the hubs is so great I just love him. 

Ok I am going to go watch parks and rec and have a glass of wine (from T.J.'s obviously).  Happy Monday!

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