Sunday, April 14, 2013

bugs and a jam packed weekend

 We went to Henry Ford Museum today and let Char run out her energy since it was (another) rainy and cold day.  On Friday Charlotte finally (knock on wood) wasn't scared of bath time, I don't know why she was so freaked out but it was really a task giving her a bath, and usually took the both of us to hold her down (sounds awful I know, but she hatedddd it so much, so dramatic).  She had an absolute blast, and so I got out my camera and took some cute pictures of her and realized I literally have not taken any pictures since she was a newborn of her in bath time because she hated it and screamed the whole time.  Thanks C, for FINALLY getting over it.  After bath time we made a baller fort in my closet (which is like another room it is so huge) and read stories in there, I think we may have had more fun than C...its probably fine.  

We love making forts around here, it is just so much fun and so easy, but the other day while I was making one I found so many ANTS under her huge bear (Francisco) and I flipped out and started screaming...I guess I know where Char gets her dramatic personality from :) I made the hubs vacuum everything up, and I was going to just put Francisco in the wash but he is way too big and it even says on the tag I would have to take him to a laundromat...I am way too lazy to do that so: I just vacuumed him.  

Do you ever freak out when you put on shoes you haven't in a long time? I always think there will be a spider in it.  Well, I was taking my dog on a walk really early the other morning and I didn't check for once my shoes and OMG a SPIDER was in there...the one time I don't check it actually happened.  Needless to say I am a little sick of the bug situation at my house lately. Sorry about the picture over load...I couldn't decide which ones to put up, so I just put up most of them!

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