Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Hubs

 Today is the hubs 26th birthday!! C and I woke him up this morning with birthday kisses and hugs and brought him a hat to put on and brought him downstairs where this awesome sign and 26 reasons why he is awesome on sticky notes were (along with a few presents) haha we made him wear this birthday button all day (he secretly loved it).  We went to Angelos for breakfast which is the best place ever in town and has the best eggs benedict (the hubs fav) and if it is your birthday you even get 50% off! Then we made our way downtown and got his free birthday Biggby drink and Starbucks drink (he gave me one yay!).  So far it has been a fun day for him, and tonight the celebration continues we are going out to his favorite restaurant.  He really is the best hubs ever, he is smart, caring, and the best dad!

Happy birthday Russell face, we couldn't be more lucky to have you in our lives! :)

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  1. happy birthday to your husband! how sweet to write those post its!