Friday, March 15, 2013

5 things

1.) i love my little family.  srsly. i feel like my life is complete with them.  even when the hubs tickles me so hard my arm pits hurt... he literally lifts me up in the air with his thumbs under my armpits and i am SO ticklish there i pee my pants.  not even kidding you it happens every time.

2.) char baby is the best assistant. i took my boots off today and changed my socks and then she handed me my boots back one foot at a time.  she is so awesomme, she knows the order i put on my make up too.

3.) I taught Char how to say "hiii" (pronounced HIGH-EEE) and i die laughing when she screams it at the top of her lungs.

4.) I am FINALLY getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow...its been like 6 months...when the hubs notices my roots you KNOW its time to do something about it.

5.) so i was supposed to run in a 5k tonight but i checked the weather and it said "1-3 inches of icy rain snow" and cancelled.  well at the time of the race it hadn't even really started to rain yet...sooo I am dumb.

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