Wednesday, March 13, 2013

botanical garden love

 We are obsessed with going to the conservatory at the botanical gardens...and also apparently we all love the color blue...totally not planned! I admit though I love matching with C, its so fun to find stuff that works on both of us, and not really matching more like complementing outfits.  I never thought I would ever say that.  I used to be so against it, but its just so much fun, plus C loves clothes and shoes and bows just as much as I do.  She watches me put my make up on, she sits right up on my dresser with me and pretend puts on her own make up, and when I do my hair she brushes her own hair, I even blow dry her hair too she thinks its hilare.  Lately she has been a total mama's girl (I kind of love it) and when I leave she comes running after me.  I taught her how to say "love you" yesterday and she said it and it melted my heart. 

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