Tuesday, March 5, 2013

mini tropical vacation

We went to the botanical gardens conservatory today, the hubs has had a mini spring break and had yesterday and today off.  so we decided to do something different and headed over to a mini tropical place.  It seriously did wonders for us all, to be in the warmth, and SUN (it was actually sunny outside today too) made us all feel a little bit happier and ready for spring!  Char loved the big fish, and I loved that she had so much fun running all her energy off.  Also my hair needed humidity today, I hate that winter dries it out so much...

The hubs is going to be gone all weekend on a boys weekend with his dad and brother, so me and C baby are going to be hanging out with her godmom all weekend having a girls weekend.  Party time/arts and crafts/yummy food I am so excited!! And to top it all off I get my bed all to myself (except for my bed hog cats).  Plus I rented some chick flicks (that the hubs would never watch) so I am pretty excited.


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  1. This looks like so much fun! Jax would love a place like this! I have got to find something fun like this close to us!