Friday, March 1, 2013

outfit picture's with toddlers

 jeans: target, shirt: TJ Maxx, scarf: Von Maur, boots: Steve Madden
Char is wearing carters

taking outfit pictures with a 14 month old is so hard. the hubs was gone at work already so i had to use self timer with char running around...not the easiest task in life. there was only one picture of me actually smiling, but C is trying to get away from me so it didn't really turn out and its super blurry.  so I am sorry for the awkward trying to get C to sit with me pics!

in other news I got fake eye lashes. they are katy perry (I love her).  I tried them today and I actually LOVE them! kind of hard to put on at first, but now that I have done it once I think it may be easier the next time.
sorry for my creepy eye there.

I woke up thinking today was not ask me how I came to this conclusion, I was super out of it (probably had something to do with splitting a whole bottle of wine with the hubs last night) its probably fine. but YAY its Friday. 

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