Friday, March 22, 2013

mama challenge

I was talking to my mom today about love and friends and I realized that my family are some of my best friends.  My mom and I have not always had the greatest relationship (only because I was a brat growing up until about age 20 haha) but ever since then she has been one of my best friends.  She told me about how her and my dad met (7th grade!) they have been together since she was 15...I hope the hubs and I can say that some day.  I love hearing about how my parents were when they were younger (and all the high school drama they had).

Char is a mama's girl for sure, I hope it lasts and I hope that she doesn't become a mean teenager who doesn't like me (I know it will probably happen so I am really enjoying this time now).  I love looking at all of our old pictures, and I am beyond happy that I have this amazing new camera to document our lives with.  I am obsessed with pictures, and I should probably take a photography class some day...but for right now I will just print off pictures and put them in frames all over my house.

The hubs has been working SO much this week, and it will continue tomorrow.  Poor baby C has a cold so we have been holed up inside most of the day (except for my sbucks run with an extra shot of expresso...) I was reading another blog the other day and I came across one of her old posts about a "mama challenge" which I am totally going to do tomorrow! It goes like this:

1.) butterfly kisses
2.) sing silly songs
3.) ice cream date past bed time
4.) take a nap with her
5.) hide your phone for the day
6.) everyone jump on the bed
7.) leave the mess
8.) dress up and go on a mama date
9.) sit on the floor and play with them
10.) rock them to sleep with a song

I will try and take pictures of this challenge as we go along and let you know how it goes!
Happy Friday :)

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  1. my mom is one of my best friends too! I hope my daughter feels the same way someday. love the mama challenge!