Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mom Style

I asked one of my fav mom friends, Jen, to do a guest post on my blog about her fashion and how it changed once she became a mom, she is one of the most put together people I know, and I always want to borrow everything out of her may have seen pictures of Char's baby boyf J, this is his cute mom! 

 sweater: victorias’s secret;  tank: charlotte russe;  jeans: gap;  shoes: target;  headband: express. 

 top: vera wang for kohls;  tank: charlotte russe;  jeans: gap;  shoes: aldo

dress: blu pepper;  jacket: target;  bracelet: kate spade;  purse: coach;  shoes: moda spana at dsw.
*this was date night out- yay!

15 months ago I became a mom.  And I have to say, while being a mom is glorious and awesome, it definitely causes you to make some style adjustments.  My style has always been laid back yet very feminine.  I love mixing classic and preppy looks with girly and flirty.  If it’s pink, floral, or lace, it probably belongs in my closet.  And of course, you have to add some sparkle—what woman doesn’t love her jewels!?

Now that I am a mom, though, practicality is a must, and I think my style has evolved to reflect that.  That’s not to say that I don’t still love prettying myself up and dressing cute, because I absolutely do.  After all, becoming a mom doesn’t mean we have to stop being feminine and beautiful.  On the contrary, as mothers we should put effort into our appearance and take care of ourselves, because we now have some very important little people looking to us to set an example. 

Want some specifics?  Well here they are, sample outfits included:
·       I layer.  I am a huge fan of layering.  I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t at some point wind up with chewed food on my clothing (or on my face, or in my hair…).  It happens.  Layering allows me to easily change one piece of my outfit that may be ruined without having to change the whole ensemble.  And when you are a parent, time is of the essence.  I’m a big fan of sheer, flowy tops over camis.  Such an easy change if needed, and they look so pretty and girly.  
       I wear leggings.  I know some people hate them, but I think they’re cute.  Sorry I’m not sorry.  Leggings are comfortable, quick and easy to wear, and for the winter months they pair perfectly with an oversized sweater and boots.  Warmer weather?  Throw on a cute flowy top and some flats.  As a mom I spend a great deal of time playing on the floor or running after my child, and leggings allow me to do that in comfort. 
     I'm careful about accessories.  Before I became a mom, I was all about jewelry.  I loved it—still do, and I believe it’s the perfect way to give an outfit a finished, polished look.  However, babies are experts at getting their little hands on the tiniest things, and they also are masters of destruction.  In the mind of a baby, dangling earrings and necklaces make captivating pull toys, and all it takes is one forceful yank and those treasured pieces can be broken (or worse, become a choking hazard!).  So when I am with my son I stick to stud earrings and rings, and I save my necklaces and fancier items for those times when I go out without him. 
       I shop boutiques.  I LOVE boutiques.  You can find the cutest pieces (see the dress above!), and it’s nice to have something different than what everyone else is buying at the mall.  Becoming a mom doesn’t have to mean you can no longer be fashionable.  Do we have to make some adjustments to our wardrobe here and there?  Yes.  But if you ask any mom out there, she’d be quick to tell you that she’d happily give up the whole world for her child.  So really, if you think about, having to give up statement necklaces… it really isn’t all that bad. 

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