Monday, March 4, 2013

the blank wall

I was going to do a before and after but literally it was a blank white here is the hubs putting it together, and here it is all finished! I love it so much. I am sure I will change it around eventually but FINALLY there is something besides a blank wall to look at.  I will give you a sneak peak into our room when I get my new camera next week.  

today Char baby was an absolute monster...I think the terrible twos have started...either that or teething.  she woke up every 2 hours, so I don't think I even slept for an hour straight so of course I had some crazy weird dreams.  when she woke up for real (at 6 am) I was so tired I gave her applesauce instead of yogurt, and I ALMOST gave her some m and m's instead of cereal...its probably fine.  

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