Sunday, March 24, 2013

8 years

Today is me and the hubs 8 year dating anniversary...on our first date ever we went to an ice cream place and talked for 2 hours straight...then we watched the incredibles.  Best first date I have ever had :)

There was an easter egg hunt at our church on Saturday morning, so since the hubs was working my mom came with us before she had to leave and helped Char pick out her eggs.  Isn't that tutu kind of amazing? C loved it and kept twirling around and around.

It is supposed to get up to the high 40s later this week, is it sad that I am kind of really excited?? I just want to wear a dress on Easter and not have to wear a coat! (probably won't happen)

I need a signature pose for my outfit pictures...I srsly feel so awkward taking pictures by myself I almost always make weird faces or I make Char be in the pics with me.

Reading travel blogs make me have a SERIOUS travel itch.  That kind of sounds weird.  Its probably fine.  I cannot wait to start traveling more, my camera is ready to GO (oh and so am I, if you couldn't tell).

Today I was at the library for like 5 hours, and they always tell you to never leave your stuff, but I hate taking all my stuff with me to go to the bathroom, you always lose your spot and have to start all over again.  Well I had just drank a grande mocha and I had to GO if you know what I mean, so I sprinted over to the bathroom, was only in there for maybe 2 min, came back to my stuff and some dude was in the process of looking at his email on MY COMPUTER! a;lsdkfjasdlfk.  Thank god I pee quick. srsly. and thank god I have lysol and baby wipes with me at all times (thanks motherhood).  Moral of the story: take your stuff with you.

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  1. What cute photos! I've been ready to travel too, such a bad case of cabin fever.