Monday, March 11, 2013

60 degree weather

the hubs got back yesterday and brought me my favorite cookies ever from up north...i ate like 3 in a row #itsprobablyfine.  once char baby woke up from her nap we decided to take advantage of the awesome 60 degree weather outside and go for a walk to the park (and stop at DQ of course).  after we came back she was a clingy, cuddly monster and only wanted me, so we just lounged around and read books until it was time for her to go to bed.  I really hate day light savings.  whoever invented it never had kids obviously.  

I am getting SO excited for summer...we just planned all of our camping trips, and we are really trying to enjoy Michigan while we still live here (however long that may be...but we are planning on leaving as soon as the hubs graduates YAY crossing my fingers for next April) and camping is the cheapest way (we think) to travel.  In May we are going to go to Mackinac Island for our (3 year) Anniversary, then June we have three weddings and a camping trip at Silver Lake, July my BFF's wedding, and then camping near sleeping bear dunes, and August our Acadia National Park trip in Maine, and stopping in Boston to see some of my old roomies from college.  This summer will be one for the books.  I am just so excited, ever since it was 60 degrees yesterday I am READY for spring, sangria, dresses, pools, and outdoor activities!! I just feel so cooped up and so does C, there are only so many things indoors you can do...and tomorrow the forecast says: "37 and chance of snow" really??! srsly. #readyforspring

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