Friday, March 8, 2013

girls weekend 2k13

1.) girls weekend 2k13 started off this morning going to hands on museum, its one of Char's fav places ever in life, and I love it too because it is an enclosed room she can't run out of, with like one million things to do safely.  I have to say I do miss the hubs, but I am enjoying the quality bff time I get to have with my little fav.

2.) omg my camera came todayyyy!!! i was literally waiting by the window for the UPS truck to get here and i met her outside to sign for it srsly i was EXCITEDDDD!! It kind of overwhelms me how to use it...but who cares its amaze balls.

3.) i went shopping today and got C some of the cutest spring outfits ever in life...hurry up warm weather!! AND I got myself some super nautical pants: obsessed.

4.) lately C hasn't been loving bath time (more like she has extreme feelings of hate towards it) she freaks out, starts screaming, and will NOT sit down.  its exhausting. well tonight she was amazing for me, usually it takes the two of us to hold her down (sounds awful doesn't it?) and she sat there and patted the water and looked up at me and SMILED wooo hoooo #winning.

5.) i'm laying in my bed in my comfy big sweats eating girl scout cookies, drinking wine, and watching rachel zoe. literally the best night ever.

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  1. that first picture is so cute! Love the polka dots! and yeah for a new camera!