Monday, March 18, 2013


 1.) you guys. I CHOPPED my hair off...literally 5 inches.  I did not think I was going to do that until I got there, and my hair stylist really thought it would look good...I was hesitant to do it because I didn't want the typical "mom haircut" but i don't think it looks all that bad actually! I kind of dig it.  the hubs (who doesn't really love short hair on me because of my uber short hair in HS...I will post a pic maybe some day of how short it actually was bad) actually said he LOVED it (high praise from him srsly) so now I am getting used to it and its so much easier to do in the morning but the only problem is I won't be able to wear it curly for a little bit #firstworldproblems.  It is so much healthier now though, I hadn't cut it since end of October I think, dead end city.  

2.) anyways enough about my hair that was a long tangent sorrryyy!! we had an amazing weekend! we went to Belle Isle (this island in Detroit) with my brother and his fiance (they are getting married in 3 MONTHS!!!), and it was super cute I was surprised! we went to the aquarium there and also the botanical gardens conservatory, it was really pretty, and we will definitely go back during the summer when we can walk around more and its not so freezing.  the aquarium is nothing like i imagined, it was the smallest one i have ever seen, but the architecture was so amazing, the whole island was a hidden gem that I am glad we got to see.

3.) before I forget, follow me on bloglovin here if you want to!

4.) this weekend 8 years ago me and the hubs started dating...est. March 24, 2005, which makes me feel so old. but then i remember we started dating when I was 18 so whatevs we are still young and hip. and also I still listen to b. spears so its probably fine.

5.) my baby bestie L is having a BABY GIRL!!! she is due end of July, I srsly could not be more excited for her, and she is srsly the cutest preggers ever in life.

6.) we started our half marathon training last week, and yesterday we ran 4 miles I am so sore, but it felt so great to get outside and RUN again I have missed it.  

7.) It needs to get warm.

8.) so you know how target is my happy place? well the other day we went in and we only wanted to get milk...well you know how that goes right? we got a chambray shirt for me (LOVE), 4 t shirts for the hubs (he is so skinny none of his clothes fit, poor R), and a pair of shoes for the booboo.  target wins again.  

Happy Monday!

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