Tuesday, March 19, 2013

being a kid again

the hubs has been working a lot lately, and its not a normal work schedule so sometimes he stays until 3 pm and sometimes (like today) he stays until midnight or later (he is getting his PhD in chemistry) I am so glad he works so hard, and I am glad it will give us opportunities to move to amazing places, but sometimes I just miss hanging out with him and I know Char baby does too.  Last night he also worked pretty late like 9 p.m. so C and I made a fort, ate goldfish, and read books for a good 2 hours...until the cat jumped on our fort (butt face callie) but we had so much fun in there.  the best part about having a kid is BEING a kid again.  after our fort got ruined we ran up and down our hallway for awhile and took timed pictures of ourselves.  best night ever. I was completely exhausted.

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  1. that would be really hard to be home without your husband all evening! how fun that you guys made a fort and played! she is lucky to have such a great mom! :)