Tuesday, October 1, 2013

21 months

Charlotte I cannot believe you are 21 months. I know I say this every month
but time needs to slow down a little.
You love to do things by yourself
You love puppies, horses, kittens, pretty much all animals except snakes
You say so many things, not really many sentences yet but
you said "help me mama" the other day and it just about melted my heart.
You love when Daddy comes home from work because he throws you up in the air and gives you kisses and tickles you until you get the hiccups.
You still love me the best, and I kind of am so happy about it. I love that you only want me sometimes.
You don't really like waking up from naps, it takes you awhile to start functioning normally.
You love your friends, and whenever we get in the car you list everyone you know and want to talk to them on the phone constantly. 
Whenever we ask who is on the phone you always say: "Pop Pop" it is so sweet.  You know how to approach dogs with your hand out, but sometimes you just can't resist and give them hugs right away.  You are still a really picky eater, but we keep trying to give you new things.  You always say: "kiss it" whenever you hurt yourself, and as soon as we kiss it you always are happy and go back to playing.  If we are sad, you give the best hugs.  You are really testing your independence recently, and I can tell you know what you want, lots of tantrums, and fake cries every week.  Your hair is getting so long and it is getting so curly, I think you will have ringlet curls, they are so beautiful! You really are the sweetest little girl, and we are so lucky you are in our lives, we don't know what we would do without you baby girl.
Love you to the moon!

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