Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I have a problem. I am obsessed with taking pictures in the fall.  I like for real can't get enough.  Also my bangs were annoying me yesterday so I pinned them back.  The hubs took me on a date last night! We went to my favorite restaurant for dinner and then had drinks at the hubs fav place.  It was soooo nice to get out with him! I love just talking to him one on one, and we had 3 hours of us time it was perfect.  The hubs didn't tell me what we were doing and took charge it was awesome, I hope he does that more I really look forward to surprises sometimes!! I woke up at 1:45 in the morning after some CRAZY dreams with my heart racing and my cat standing on my chest creepily staring at me...rude.
Today we are going trick or treating at the hubs work, and then down town tmw morning, and then in our neighborhood tomorrow evening...candy overload.  I am so excited for C to wear her costume and also she is 22 months on halloween...TWO MONTHS AWAY from being two.  

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