Thursday, October 3, 2013

big dog

 Shirt: madewell, jeans: Target, flats: Target
C's outfit: Old Navy, Boots: Carters

Yesterday I wore this shirt from madewell, except it turned out to be like 80 degrees, so I literally wore it for maybe 2 hours then changed into my mom uniform of running shorts and a tank top.  C just stripped off her clothes and ran around in her diaper for most of the day.  I guess we were just soaking up the last day of summer maybe? I know I always crave summer but right now I just want fall.  I have to find C's halloween costume, why can't you ever find something when you need to? We had to get gas yesterday so off we went to Costco, but the pumps had to have maintenence on them when we got there so they were closed for like 20 min.  We obviously went inside to look around and ended up in the big stuffed animal aisle.  C was in heaven.  She didn't even know where to look first so she just stood there pointing to every single one and smiling.  She finally went right to the big dog and hugged it and put it in our cart...usually I am not a sucker for buying her whatever she gets her hands on, but I have literally been wanting this dog for a few months.  So I got it. When we got it home it turned out it was a PILLOW too so C went nuts jumping on it and laying down on it all day long.  Best 19 dollars I ever spent.  

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