Wednesday, October 23, 2013

camel riding and other random thoughts

sweater: Francesca's, jeans: nordstrom rack, shoes: target

Outfit pics are so awkward! I cannot seem to ever figure it out.  The hubs just stands there making fun of my poses but I just don't have a signature pose yet! Oh well, guess I am not a true fashion blogger, whatever! I showered at 4 p.m. yesterday and wore this to class.   I am trying to be better about showering daily instead of every 2 days...its kind of working except on days I have 8 am physics lecture.  The hubs said it was a waste of wearing an outfit but I disagree, I can just wear it again since I only wore it for like 5 hours.  I am having such a great week! Other then the fact that the hubs and C are still sick.  I told C in the car today that I wanted to ride a camel and now that is all she will say "mommy ride camel?" over and over and over.  hahahahha. 

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