Thursday, October 17, 2013

date night

On Tuesday we had a date night! We haven't done one in so long so it was so so nice to get out and have dinner and drinks without C jabbering away (as much as we love her) she likes to keep saying our names over and over again while we try and have a conversation.  Anyways my mom friend got us a groupon (thank you C!!!) and off we went to a FOUR course meal.  We were so stuffed we could hardly move after that dinner, and I wished I had worn leggings...
I loved my outfit, and had a really great hair day, and I am SO HAPPY its scarf and boots weather again.  I asked the hubs what he thought the secret to marriage was and he said "I am not sure" and he asked me and I said "lots of wine" (kidding) and then we both said that we thought communication and date nights were the key.  I think getting away once a week is seriously MUCH needed.  

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  1. yeah for a date night! I too am so happy it is boot and scarf weather. i love your outfit!