Monday, October 14, 2013

holding hands

That love shirt is from Old Navy. I legit love it. It is one of the softest most comfy shirts I own.  I was so mad though because I by accident dried it and it shrunk so now I have to wear it with a tank top underneath.  I hate when I shrink stuff. One time I "borrowed" (I kind of took it from her closet when I was dog sitting once and planned on just wearing it once and putting it back...I know I suck) this dress from my BFF L and I wore it and it was the prettiest most unique dress ever...well I accidentally SHRANK it of course.  I literally thought it was the end of our friendship...thank god L is so understanding she forgave me and we are still friends.  but srsly what was I even thinking. I was not a good friend.  Sorry L, you are the best.  I really don't do that anymore or EVER again after that.  Promise you can still lend me stuff, and I won't "borrow" it and shrink it.  alskdfjasdkf. And for real why do I STILL do this to myself.  You would think I would learn.  C is srsly the cutest.  She is so cuddly and she loves holding my hand.  I literally almost cried today because she kept saying "hand Mommy, peas?" the girl kills me with cuteness.  I literally do not know what I did before she came along...oh wait I do: I was lazy, didn't have fabulous arm muscles, I never went to playgrounds, and I didn't think I needed some little person to hold my hand and give me sweet messy kisses on the reg.

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