Wednesday, October 23, 2013

mini fall adventure

This morning the hubs let me sleep in until was glorious.  C woke up early I guess so he took her downstairs to play bc she woke up yelling "APPLE JUICE" and jumping on her bed apparently.  That girl cracks me up.  They came upstairs and C jumps on me and says "cereal mommy, stairs" and ran to the stairs.  She is talking more and more its so cute!  After breakfast we got coffee and went to this park near our house.  We were literally the only people there except some swans and ducks, it was awesome.  I had to take fall pictures the colors were amazing and I got some gems! The hubs was kind of in a hurry to get to work so it took like 5 minutes and off we went to take him to work.  I love fall.  It was so cold this morning though we were supposed to get snow but instead we got a super sunny day. I am glad we had a mini fall adventure, it really made today a good one! 

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