Friday, February 1, 2013


jeans/sweater: target, tank: old navy, scarf: von maur

1.) my pictures have been turning out so blurry lately...i can't get the focus right or something...oh well I still really liked these pictures so I am posting them. sometimes when Char walks she looks like a penguin or a short fat person bc she keeps her arms up and waddles. so. cute. 

2.) pottery. barn. kids. omg. i can't even handle it. i want every single thing. there is this retro kitchen that is pink and perfect...and chevron everything. omg. 

3.) so the other day when i said i was going to target? well we got there and it was on that day it was 55 degrees out and raining and this truck sped past me and Char in the parking lot and DRENCHED us with water. needless to say we didn't make it into target that day.  but today the hubs let us go after i picked him up from work and i was looking for the black maxi skirt i really want, but i didn't find it so i got a polka dot shirt instead. 

**1,2,3 idea from Ali 


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